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Home Delivered Meals

The goal of our Nutrition Program is to make sure that every person over 60 receives at least one nutritionally balanced meal each day. Professional staff are also available to provide general nutritional screening, assessment and counseling to help make sure that elders eat well, stay well and live at home for as long as possible.

Call us at (800) 322-0551 to find out more about our Home Delivered Meals.

About the Home Delivered Meals Program

We provide noon and evening meals, Monday through Friday, and frozen weekend meals to elders 60 and over who are unable to prepare nutritious meals, have no one to assist them with meal preparation and are unable to attend a local dining center. Modified diabetic meals are available. There is no financial eligibility requirement.

Our drivers are also trained to help link elders with other resources and assistance, including personal care, household chores, managing day-to-day finances and more.

Our Local Dining Centers also offer an option for dining and good nutrition.

Funding sources include The City of Westfield Community Development Block Grant and TIII Federal Program.

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