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HVES Community Initiatives

Title III Funding

The Title III Request for Proposal (RFP) seeks bidders interested in building collaboration and partnerships in pursuit of the above mission and mandates.  We are seeking proposals to support elders and family caregivers to promote quality long living.  Our goal is to support proposals that demonstrate community partnerships and collaborations with the end result of providing collaborative services.

Highland Valley is altering its RFP process with a goal to reduce the number of awards, to increase the funding amount for each award and to support proposals that demonstrate community collaboration and partnership.

Proposals for FY20 will be accepted during July 2019.  Click here for the FY20 RFP and application.

Click here to view Fiscal Year 2019 Recipients


Community Coalition

The Community Coalition provides opportunities for diverse groups including faith-based groups, schools, business, neighborhood groups and COAs to support and increase caregiving capacities within the communities we serve.

Local Planning & Development

Local Planning and Development conducts surveys, awards grants and provides technical assistance to blend federal and state resources into a coordinated delivery system. It provides local services such as companion, outreach to hard-to-reach populations, inter-generational programming and resources for persons with Alzheimer’s Disease.

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