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Volunteer with Highland Valley Elder Services

Support Highland Valley Elder Services, and help elders in your community, by volunteering. Please call us at (800) 322-0551 or (413) 586-2000 to find out more.

Meal Delivery

Highland Valley Elder Services provides hot meals to eligible elders living at home. Become a meal delivery driver!

Ombudsman Services

Ombudsmen are trained to investigate long-term care facilities to ensure that elders’ rights, benefits and entitlements are in place. Ombudsmen help with issues ranging from financial matters to loneliness, from nutrition to personal care.

Money Managers

Money managers are trained and supervised in helping elders with bill paying, budgeting, and other financial matters.


Administrative volunteers are trained and supervised to support executive staff on a daily basis and program staff working with elders to remain in their homes.

Mobile Food Bank Pantry

10-12 Volunteers needed twice a month to help with food distribution at our Mobile Food Bank Pantry.  Days are 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.   Hours are 12:30pm to 2:30pm.  Location is Elks Lodge parking lot in Westfield.  This is an outdoor, year round event so wear comfortable clothing.  This is a fantastic opportunity to help people from all walks of life.   For more information, please call Marian Zeiss at 413-568-2909.

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