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Options Counseling

Are you or a family member at a turning point in aging? Are you unsure about what type of care setting might be most appropriate for your — or your elders’ — needs?

Are you being discharged from a hospital, and want to determine if you need to go to a rehabilitation facility or nursing home, or if you will be able to live at home?

Call us at (800) 322-0551 or (413) 586-2000. We can help you and your family through these crucial turning-point decisions with Options Counseling.

About This Service

Options counselors assist elders and their families in making informed decisions about the services and settings that best meet their long-term care needs, and which allow them to live as independently as possible in the setting of their choice.

Elders and their families meet with an options counselor for short-term counseling and receive unbiased information about a range of long-term care support options — including options for nursing homes and rehab facilities, and at-home services such as personal care, transportation and medication management — and are informed of the resources available to help pay for services.

The program also provides decision-making support to identify next steps in the process, and help in connecting with services if needed.

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